Charles Seagrave

Instructor: Sound Reinforcement and Recording, and Digital Sound Recording

Charles Seagrave has over 30 years of experience in audio and electronics system design and development. He is currently the owner and chief engineer of Seagrave Instruments, a designer and manufacturer of instrumentation for Home Theatre and professional acoustics calibration.

In preparation for his vocation in music technology, Charles received a Certificate from the AeA at Stanford Executive Institute, an M.S.I. Scientific Instrumentation, UC Santa Barbara Dept. of Physics and an A.B. from Occidental College, Independent Pattern of Study in Musical Technology.

His professional positions include being a Project Engineer and DAFFODIL Project lead, Dolby Laboratories Film Group (1989-1996), and led the team that developed the Dolby Digital multi-channel motion picture film sound format. He was responsible for system architecture, and six products for recording, printing, and playback of the new soundtrack. An AMPAS (Academy Award – Science and Technical Plaque 1996) was awarded to Dolby Laboratories for the Development of the Dolby Digital Sound System. He also developed the Digital Technologies program of Dolby’s Licensing Corporation as Director and General Manager, introducing Dolby Digital technologies to Consumer Electronics manufacturers. Three of his direct reports were honored with an Emmy award in 1999. He has also personally trained over 400 employees in Continuous Improvement techniques.

Charles has been awarded 4 US patents awarded, and one patent is pending. 
5,544,140 - Storage medium and apparatus and method for recovering information from such medium by oversampling. 
5,710,752 - Apparatus using one optical sensor to recover audio information from analog and digital soundtrack carried on motion picture film. 
5,757,465 - Storage medium for carrying information encoded in two dimensions. 
6,211,940 - Selecting analog or digital motion picture sound tracks. 
60/899,123 - Sound sensor array with optical outputs.

With regard to the performance side of music, Charles is an avid “a cappella” singer with Flying Without Instruments, and sings with the group, Just Voices. He also serves on the Board of Directors of SingersMarin.


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